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Gail Smith Pierce


New Release

Wrestling With
an Angel

When Gail Smith Pierce started this endeavor, it was a tribute to her husband of thirty-two years, Michael. The couple endured misfortune, conflict, and isolation in Alaska. After reading a bible in 1996, more than a year of supernatural events almost drove them mad. They may have each believed the other was the enemy. But God had a plan. Gail kept a journal.


But when all failed, they thumbed a ride out of Alaska and hitchhiked through five more states. They were always looking for an answer to what had happened to them and why. They both suspected God and The Devil were playing with them. But they might have been witnesses. They wandered like vagabonds, worked like migrants, and caused a big stir wherever they went until settling in Arizona in 2003.


They rebuilt a simple life in Tucson, the mystery continued, and Michael's health declined. They never stopped looking for answers. After Michael died in 2019, Gail began experiencing the supernatural relationship with God differently and knew she had to share it. Thanks to Michael and his enduring faith and character, here is that story.


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Dr. Lyndon Smith

5.0 out of 5 stars An engaging, and in fact addictive, narrative.

Reviewed in the United States on January 23, 2022

This memoir is really rather engaging. Although the couple concerned are clearly often having a difficult time on the road with scant resources, they meet a multitude of personalities and experience a wide range of situations that the author clearly felt to be illuminating and inspirational in various ways. One interesting thing is the frequent generosity they received from a large number of the folks they met, which often was provided by people who had limited resources themselves. There are less examples of them being treated well by large institutions/ businesses – which may support the concept that it is the less well off in society who are often the most generous (as well as fitting in with narratives from others who set out to travel around America on very limited budgets, who report more cases of receiving help from private individuals of limited means than cash-rich businesses). If you start reading this book, I expect that you will get hooked, as it were, and be anxious to know what happens to the couple and whether they find what they are looking for/contentment. I will not spoil it for you by telling you what does occur but will just say that it is clear that the author found the whole adventure with her husband to be a formative one, and that she puts what transpired into an inspiring context, and finds a meaning in it for herself going forward, which is heart-warming.




5.0 out of 5 stars Spoken from the Heart!

Reviewed in the United States on January 20, 2022

This book tells the story of a lifetime shared between two people in love. Their journey through life together would see them faced with struggles, triumphs, and continuous encounters of both a spiritual and a paranormal nature! Reading about the experiences faced by the couple will leave the reader contemplating their own beliefs...while looking for their own paranormal experiences...perhaps even in the refrigerator!

Praise & Reviews

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5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful Read

Reviewed in the United States on January 14, 2022

This is truly a powerful book that takes in from the first page, from start to finish I was hooked to every word.



5.0 out of 5 stars Captivating

Reviewed in the United States on January 11, 2022

What an amazing story of a remarkable spiritual journey of a couple who felt called to be an instrument of God wherever He might lead them. I was amazed at all the examples of kindness and generosity from complete strangers as they hitchhiked from Alaska where they met and married, all over the US as God led them and provided for them, meeting their every need. Not a lifestyle I would ever choose and I don’t think they did either, but were open to God’s leading. Author Gail Pierce shares at the gut level, in this journal, her love, and respect for her husband Michael, as they depended on the Lord for their every need and wouldn’t you know it, He always showed up through others providing jobs, clothing, food, shelter, whatever they needed.

Michael seemed to have an uncanny ability to judge people rightly and to sense evil when it was present as well as the discernment and wisdom to know when to move on and get out of a bad situation. A heart-gripping memoir of a very unusual life journey. Highly recommend.

Natalia Olivera
5.0 out of 5 stars A fascinating story that brings encouragement

Reviewed in the United States on
August 25, 2022
What an interesting story, what I especially love is that it's all based on real-life events!
Reading this book brought a lot of
encouragement to me personally as
someone in ministry to keep living out ones calling and trusting in God and his plans!
I am thankful for the author's obedience in documenting her journey of faith!

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Michael Lacey, Devo Writers

5.0 out of 5 stars Addicting...

Reviewed in the United States on December 30, 2021

I'll admit, when I revive a copy of a book to consider for review, I often skim them. As I started 'skimming', I'd found I read ten pages in a blink. Something about this real-life story grabs you and doesn't let go.

It's like walking along someone's path to madness while wondering who's really the crazy one, them or you. I recommend reading this for the entertainment value, if nothing else!

-Michael Lacey, Best-Selling Christian Devotional Author

Amy Nordhues, author of Prayed Upon: Breaking Free from Therapist Abuse
4.0 out of 5 stars Interesting journey

Reviewed in the United States on
June 14, 2022

I enjoy reading memoirs and this one was no different. I often find the truth to be stranger than fiction and this memoir was another example of that.
I found the angel/demon theme a tad
hard to follow at times and wish it had
been developed more throughout the
story. There were times Michael's
behavior read more like mental illness,
but the author states that the few
psychiatrists who saw Michael never
diagnosed him with any kind of illness.
Despite this, I found their story to be
interesting and inspiring as they
traveled the country living homeless
and off the grid. I too was amazed at
the kindness and generosity they
received from complete strangers.
I also appreciated the author's love for
and dedication to her now-deceased
husband. I enjoyed going along for the
ride on this couples' journey as I got
a peek into a whole different way of
life and a whole different way of seeing
the world.


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January 18th 2023, The Breakfast Club, Virtual Book Reading of Swan Isle, 7PM - 8PM PST

January 31st 2023, The Good Read Club, Online Conversation with G. S. Pierce, 8PM - 9PM PST

March 2nd 2023, Otto Cafe, Online Book Reading With G. S. Pierce, 3PM - 4PM PST


About G. S. Pierce

Author Bio


Gail Smith Pierce grew up in a large family in the Pacific Northwest. Almost starving in college, a recruiter enticed her into a career she excelled at for more than fifty years as a drafting technician.


At thirty, she ran away from home and traveled extensively until landing in Fairbanks, Alaska, meeting Michael, her soulmate. They settled in for ten years until they were 'called' as witnesses for the Lord and sent out in a direction that only the Lord knew. Along the way, she became a jack-of-all-trades in her spare time.


After Michael passed, she returned home to her family and changed careers again to author her first book about  faith and miracles "Wrestling an Angel, a Memoir" and plans to write more.

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