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Wrestling With
an Angel


A memoir by G. S. Pierce

When Gail Smith Pierce started this endeavor, it was a tribute to her husband of thirty-two years, Michael. The couple endured misfortune, conflict, and isolation in Alaska. After reading a bible in 1996, more than a year of supernatural events almost drove them mad. They may have each believed the other was the enemy. But God had a plan. Gail kept a journal.


But when all failed, they thumbed a ride out of Alaska and hitchhiked through five more states. They were always looking for an answer to what had happened to them and why. They both suspected God and The Devil were playing with them. But they might have been witnesses. They wandered like vagabonds, worked like migrants, and caused a big stir wherever they went until settling in Arizona in 2003.


They rebuilt a simple life in Tucson, the mystery continued, and Michael's health declined. They never stopped looking for answers. After Michael died in 2019, Gail began experiencing the supernatural relationship with God differently and knew she had to share it. Thanks to Michael and his enduring faith and character, here is that story.


About G. S. Pierce

Author Bio


Gail Smith Pierce grew up in a large family in the Pacific Northwest. Almost starving in college, a recruiter enticed her into a career she excelled at for more than fifty years as a drafting technician.


At thirty, she ran away from home and traveled extensively until landing in Fairbanks, Alaska, meeting Michael, her soulmate. They settled in for ten years until they were 'called' as witnesses for the Lord and sent out in a direction that only the Lord knew. Along the way, she became a jack-of-all-trades in her spare time.


After Michael passed, she returned home to her family and changed careers again to author her first book about  faith and miracles "Wrestling an Angel, a Memoir" and plans to write more.


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